What is Over-the-Top Media, or OTT?

Web pages and social media are no longer the only options for your video ads. Smart TVs and other devices with television networks apps also stream video advertisements relevant to their users. OTT offers consumers complete control over the content they watch and is accessible 24/7. This level of control leads to extremely high engagement between the viewer and the content they are watching.

OTT media originally got its name from the devices that went “over” the user’s cable/satellite box to deliver content via their internet connection. OTT devices now include smart TVs, computers/laptops and smartphones/tablets. Without any of those devices, users can access OTT apps and channels with a HDMI/WiFi enable device like a Google Chromecast, XBOX, Apple TV, Roku and more!

Available apps and channels include CBS, Food Network, HGTV, Showtime, HBO and others!

OTT Targeting Options:

  • DMA only
  • Location specific including zip code, city or county
  • Behavioral targeting
  • Addressable household